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About Us

When my children were young, it began as a simple exercise in reading food labels to eat as cleanly as possible. We have an intimate relationship with food and I believed that avoiding certain ingredients was beneficial for my children.  At some point, I began to think about personal care products in this same way. While we do not ingest them, we  slather them all over our bodies and, in the case of makeup, wear it on our faces all day
I only had a basic idea of what was in these products.  My tendency was to skip all of the long complicated chemical names on the bottle and let my eye wander down to the end where lovely ingredients like natural oils and extracts were listed
At that point, all I knew was that the ingredients began with water and ended with natural extracts.  So I did a deep dive, learning about the chemicals in our cosmetics- their functions, their origins, and their safety profiles. In the end, I knew I wanted to work with plants to create sustainable high-performance cosmetics.  The journey continues in  sourcing the highest quality ingredients
  .and eliminating unsustainable packaging

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